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At softwareQ we strive to prepare your organization for the quantum era. We offer a variety of products, including:

Quantum software and algorithms

Our team consists of top leaders/thinkers in the field of quantum computation and information. We continually monitor the latest developments in quantum algorithms, as well as designing our own quantum algorithms. 

staq is our full stack software platform, ranging from high level algorithm design to optimization to mapping to specific physical architectures and translation to various hardware platforms

We are platform-agnostic: our clients can specify the "quantum code" once, and our software tools compile the code to every physical platform.

Quantum compilers and optimizers

Quantum "programs" are most often described in terms of a "quantum circuit", which consists of a sequence of quantum gates applied sequentially. Some of those gates have a prohibitively high cost when implemented fault-tolerantly. Therefore reducing constructing equivalent quantum circuits while reducing the numbers of such gates is of paramount importance. At softwareQ we develop such tools, some of which are part of key infrastructure in quantum computing.

Quantum simulators

Quantum computing is a disruptive technology that promises great benefits for a plethora of applications, ranging from medicine and chemistry to machine learning and simulation of physical systems. However, today’s most advanced quantum computers are not yet large enough for performing universal quantum computation, hence their applicability is still limited. Being able to simulate small sized quantum computers is therefore of great importance, as it helps your organization exploring quantum machines of similar sizes without the need of physically accessing potentially expensive quantum processors. 

Quantum++, our simulator developed at softwareQ, is a modern C++ general purpose quantum computing library, composed solely of template header files. Quantum++ is written in standard C++17 and has very low external dependencies, using only the Eigen 3 linear algebra header-only template library and, if available, the OpenMP multi-processing library.

Quantum++ is not restricted to qubit systems or specific quantum information processing tasks, being capable of simulating arbitrary quantum processes. The main design factors taken in consideration were the ease of use, high portability, and high performance. The library's simulation capabilities are only restricted by the amount of available physical memory. On a typical machine (Intel i5 8Gb RAM) Quantum++ can successfully simulate the evolution of 25 qubits in a pure state or of 12 qubits in a mixed state reasonably fast.

Educational services

We organize workshops and training sessions to prepare your organization for the quantum era. Do not hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions about quantum computing and how your organization can benefit from it.

Consultancy services

We design software tools, and offer support for software tools, to assist organizations who wish to implement their own algorithms, ranging from speeding up financial algorithms to quantum simulation of physical systems.

At softwareQ we make sure your organization will be up and running when the time comes, with real applications in the queue. Meanwhile, you will know what kinds of applications make sense to run, and their potential business advantage. You will also know how to assess a candidate problem, determine when and what you should invest in, and build a sound strategy for your organization.

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